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About Us
Fortec Stabilization Systems manufactures Carbon-fiber reinforcement systems for the transportation and other industries, designed to stabilize and repair concrete and other structures that have fractured or stresed. Carbon-fiber has been proven to be the best solution on the market today providing Innovative Solutions to the transportation and industrial applications.

Through exhaustive research, development, and laboratory-field testing, Fortec Stabilization Systems has developed proven and unsurpassed surface preparation and bonding techniques to resolve issues inherent within the transportation and construction industries.

Due to its high strength to weight ratio, FRPs are used in bridges, columns, concrete beams, poured in place and precast concrete for maximum crack control and to restore structural integrity. Carbon Reinforced Polymer (FRP) grids are also being produced in rods and in welded wire applications for precast concrete where corrosion is an issue.

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Why Choose Us
Fortec Stabilization Systems offers unsurpassed engineering support to the transportation and industrial industries and can help you effectively and efficiently engineer your projects.

Fortec Stabilization Systems products are designed for the most demanding structural applications and have been specifically adopted to the bridge and transportation industries and departments.

Our Advantages
Fortec Stabilization Systems offers many advantages over other products and manufacturers including:

  • Superior product development
  • Superior customer support
  • Engineering and project support
  • Unsurpassed experience in the transporation and industrial markets
  • Diverse product options
  • Customized product availability
  • Products for all transportation and industrial applications
  • Extensive field applications


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Fortress Stabilization products are protected by the following patents: 7,823,354 (Structure reinforcement system); 7,743,585 (Structure reinforcement system); RE39,839 (Carbon Fiber reinforcement system); 6,846,537 (Carbon fiber reinforcement material); 6,746,741 (Carbon Fiber reinforcement system); 6,692,595 (Carbon Fiber reinforcement Systems); and other pending patents.

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